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Welcome to Animation Swords Store! We are the best because we Design Dazzling Replica Swords, Offer the Best Price in the Market, Deliver Incredibly Fast

Our company’s history is quite old. We started our warehouse and manufacturing units in New York back in the 1990’s when online shopping was still emerging. After it became a standard in the late 2000’s, we started our own eBay store that was quite an achievement. These were the days when people still were hesitant to put their money on the line via credit/debit card. But later popular payment processors became a routine so we had to evolve too. We spread our services globally that were previously restricted to US only. Animation Swords is a project of Blade Daddy whose name is not new to collectors and so many global satisfied consumers.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

Secure Shopping Experience

With our user friendly, easy to use & secure online store, we guarantee 100% satisfaction.


Super Fast Delivery

Before you even know

You would be enjoying your favorite sword right in your hands as delivery only takes 3 - 5 business days.


Instant Returns & Exchange

Instant Processing

If you are unhappy with your purchase or want an exchange, send the item to our warehouse and you get what you need.


Real-time Support

Want a hand?

Having some issues with your parcel or need our help with something? Leave us a message & we will be back.


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