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Aragorn Strider Elven Knife from LOTR

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Total Length 21.5"
Blade 15"
Handle 6.5"

One of the best-selling items from the LOTR series, the Elven Knife is available with all its perks. Originally it was featured in the epic fantasy movie series and was wielded by Aragorn Strider, a Ranger who never stays at a single place and helps every good fellow in need. He was one of the main protagonists commanded for destroying the one ring. The knife was crafted by the ancient elves to fight the orcs and all the evil out there.

The Aragorn Strider Knife features a slightly curved stainless steel blade that has a slightly sharp tip. Etched with the elven runes it surely looks fantastic. Note that the blade is not very sharp to cut but has a 100% high quality construction. Next to the blade is the red hardwood handle. A firm handle that makes sure the wielder gets a firm grip. The gold plated metal guard and pommel are mounted perfectly. With the package, comes the wooden scabbard with leather layer on top and two gold plated metal mountings for proper detailing. Whenever you want an epic fantasy blade, make sure you get something like the Aragorn Strider Elven Knife. Checkout the below features

  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Slightly curved blade with elven runes etched on the blade
  • Gold plated metal guard and pommel
  • Red Hardwood handle for proper a grip
  • Detailed Wooden scabbard with leather layer and gold plated metal mountings
  • A well balanced and highly detailed replica with perfect value
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