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Berserk Guts Dragon Slayer Sword

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Total Length 52.25"
Blade 38.5"
Handle 14"
Free Leather Sheath Offered

If you remember the old Anime you probably still remember the Mercenary named Guts? He was famous for slicing the guts of his enemies with the Giant blade. Well, here is the signature weapon known as Berserk Guts Dragonslayer Sword. As the name describes, its a dragon slayer sword but it was not actually used to kill dragons or something like that. Instead, the name was given due to the monstrous length and slashing power of this blade. Guts was introduced as a hardcore assassin who would kill anyone for bounty. The series includes a number of powerful foes, some plot twists and a unique story line.

The Berserk Guts Sword is a must have item for the Anime fans. Even the series is old and has not spawned any sequels or seasons, it is stilled loved by its fans. And the primary reasons are the protagonist and his signature weapon. The metal hilt contains black leather wrapping to offer a comfortable experience and a firm grip while wielding. The pommel is also cast metal and really gives a sleek touch to the overall appearance. The guard introduces a dull finish just like the real one, a cutout running in a D shape and the originating lengthy blade. The Blade is durable quality stainless steel construction and is slightly sharp which will not harm you in any way. For an authentic replica, the Guts Sword is a flawless construction for dying hard fans. Let us know if you have any queries.

  • Featuring an overall length of 52.25 inches
  • Solid Full Metal Construction
  • Elegant Leather wrapping for firm and comfortable grip
  • D shaped Guard with dull brass finish
  • Long Blade with pointed tip
  • Real details for Anime fans
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