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Cloud Strife Advent Children Buster Sword

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Total Length 43"
Blade 31.5"
Handle 11.5"

Have you ever wondered why the second animated movie from the Final Fantasy series was so epic? We bet it was due to the Advent Children Buster Sword also known as Fusion Sword. This item is one of our bestselling ones since the very first day officially launched it. In the game and animated movie, you had seen Cloud making this epic blade by combining several blades from his arsenal right? But what if several blades are combined in making one for real? That’s where our specialties come in.

The Advent Children Buster Sword contains six different blades joined together into one. The blades dimensions differ from each other and are mounted together via heavy duty screws that won’t come apart at any cost unless unscrewed on purpose. Overall the sword contains silver shining finish making it an adorable piece for your collection. The design is without any doubts a marvelous craftsmanship. The tiny details running across the structure add a touch of validness making it a detailed replica. With an overall perfect length of 43 inches, the product doesn’t weigh too much enabling in easy carrying and swinging as you like. The solid metal guard comprises of some rivets and durable metal construction. As no sword is good if it cannot be swung or wielded properly, that is why we have leather wrapped the metal handle.

  • Featuring 6 blades screwed together
  • Very detailed replica model
  • Striking details running across
  • Perfect worth for the money
  • Ideal for cosplays and theatre reenactments
  • Full metal construction
  • Leather wrapped handle
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Weight 6.5000
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  • Wilson
    So real and awesome October 22, 2016

    I just received the sword and after unboxing I thought a review should be given. As Im a final fantasy player and fan myself I bought it for myself. The packaging was okay but the quality is worthy of the price. I would say the price is too low for a product that awesome. I checked everything carefully and it is marvelous. However I won't take the risk to unscrew the bolts even if they are removable. Thanks guys. Cheers!

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