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Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Sword

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Total Length 39.5"
Blade 28"
Handle 11.5"
Free Leather Sheath Offered

Inspired by the highly anticipated film of 1982 which even spawned a reboot version, Conan the barbarian Sword is a must have for Dark fantasy lovers. The film is all about a young warrior who protects a little girl and sets on a journey to defeat the witch. The film was well received and therefore spawned a reboot in 1982. The film is set in the ancient world where magic and savagery is all that is known to mankind.

The Conan Atlantean Sword replica features a solid metal construction and false edged blade. The design is pretty much the same as we have seen in the original film. As it was wielded by Arnold himself, we could not spare any detailing. The blade becomes slightly wider on the point where two projections are formed causing the guard to end. The deeply engraved and detailed guard has a metal construction and magical carvings. The blade is also embossed with the ancient magical inscriptions. The long handle is made for proper two-handed wielding experience and carries an elegant brown finish. The pommel has been heavily detailed and is pure metal just like the real one. For ensuring the Barbarian style sword carrying, we are giving a free leather sheath containing a sword belt. The sheath is covered in fur to give you a feeling like that of the ancient warriors. Have a look at some of the features of Conan Sword below.

  • Pure metal construction
  • Heavy duty stainless steel blade with silver finish
  • False edged blade with slightly sharp tip
  • Ancient inscriptions running on the blade
  • Very detailed metal guard with engravings and dull silver finish
  • Brown handle for two handed wielding
  • Metal pommel with carvings
  • Free leather sheath offered
  • Sword belt and fur covered sheath
  • An ideal sword for collections, props, cosplays and decoration purpose
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