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Naruto Gigantic Zabuza Sword

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Total Length 57.5"
Blade 41.5"
Handle 16"
Free Leather Sheath Offered

Introducing the Gigantic Zabuza Sword with a massive length of 57.5 inches first time at AnimationSwords. You probably have seen several versions of this blade but we bet such quality and structure is not available anywhere else. For the record, the massive length, the high quality stainless steel construction, the durable and well balanced design, a firm grip and all the other essentials are packed at a fair price like never before. In the Anime series, this blade was named as Zanbato and was believed to be so powerful that it could actually cut real horses.

The Zabuza Momochi Sword replica has a unique design in the replica industry. Due to its cutout and hallow circle, the blade is balanced equally offering the wielder to swing it easily ever after the weight. The long blade also has a slightly sharp tip. The guard is solid metal construction powerful enough to hold the whole design in its place. The lengthy grip comprises of metal attachments to make it more durable and easy in carrying. But all these features would not have made this sword so famous. The incredible size and massive weight are nothing if it weren’t for Zabuza. So, whenever you feel like buying the Zabuza Sword with monstrous length and well balanced structure, give our store a shot. The discounted price tag will not stay there forever.

  • Well detailed replica for cosplays and collections
  • High Quality stainless steel structure
  • Cutouts in order to make it balanced
  • Solid Metal guard making it durable
  • Long metal attached and leather wrapped comfortable grip
  • Metal Pommel at the end
  • Limited time sale offer!
SKU AS-170
Weight 10.5000
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