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Kingdom Hearts Sora Keyblade

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Total length 39.5"

This is the all-time fans favorite Classic version of Sora Keyblade that has been a real beauty for years. The keyblade features all the real details from the actual item along with the competitive price tag from the house of Animation Swords. The Keyblade was originally introduced in Kingdom Hearts video game series as a magical weapon that can seal the gates to darker worlds and kill the dark soulless beings known as Hallows. Mickey Mouse was the first to have it and asked Donald and Goofy to search for someone (the hidden keyblade wielder) who could assist him in his quests saving the realms. That is how they found Sora & Riku in the first place and the whole mess began.

So the keyblade contains the hilt guard that resembles the Mickey Mouse facials and appearance. The grip in the center will do just fine when you grab it your hands. The attached chain at the back contains the King Mickey token. Next to the hilt guard is a small blue portion that demonstrates the partition of the blade from the Hilt. As the tip has a key like structure, therefore they called it a keyblade in the first place.

  • Ideal length of 39.5 inches
  • Silver Finish across the blade
  • Yellow pure metal Hilt Guard
  • Attached chain with King Mickey token
  • Authentic Details from the original series
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