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Kingdom Hearts Sora Oathkeeper Keyblade

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Overall length: 44"
Handle length: 10.5"

Animation Swords has the brand new Oathkeeper Keyblade for you. The stunning prop has an ideal length, flawless construction, incredible structure, comfortable handle, multi colored tips and a nice chain attached to it. Reproduced from the famous video game series, the Oathkeeper Keyblade replica just has what it takes to be a perfect prop.
Starting from the handle, the several projections just add to its beauty. The back of the handle has a cutout portion in which the chain is attached. The multi colored start attached next to the chain is constructed the same way as the original. The 10” long handle is ideal for holding it with two hands and for proper balance. Next to the handle is the main body portion that can be called as the blade but is not sharp. Overall a well balanced and safe replica, the keyblade has nicely crafted hands featuring a sun like multi colored pattern. The end of the keyblade also includes a heart shaped structure. Mostly items such as Oathkeeper Keyblade are used for wall decoration or cosplay purpose. But we bet you will not find such a nicely crafted ornament for this price.

  • Contains an ideal length of 44 inches
  • The Handle is 10.5 inches in length offering a comfortable grip
  • Several sophisticated prongs in the structure
  • Attached Star shaped Chain
  • Multi colored pattern on the blade’s end
  • Not sharp in nature, so 100% safe to use as wall hangers
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