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Legend of Zelda is the most notable video game series and one of the longest running installments from Nintendo. The Nintendo studio acts both as a producer and publisher for the series. There are a total of 17 installments till date in the Legend of Zelda series and the 18th will be released in 2017, titled Breath of the Wild. The first 3d styled video game of the series was Ocarina of Time. The gameplay of these video games usually contains world exploration, puzzle solving, action and adventure elements allowing players to battle in the classic style. Almost all of the titles contain similar story in which the princess of Hyrule named Zelda is kidnapped, and a Robin Hood dressed guy named “Link” has to rescue princess after battling thousands of enemies, solving hundreds of puzzles and exploring the entire world. The questions arises, why the creators has named the series after the princess? Shouldn’t they name it after the hero who saved the princess?

Well, it does not matter. There are millions of fans who still love and play this game. That is why we have taken the time to craft all the Legend of Zelda swords and shields found in all of the titles from this series. You will not believe but our manufacturing team has taken the things to a whole new level. Each detail of each item is perfectly reflected. And by replica, we do not mean some metal shaft poorly crafted with low details and rough finish. We mean a thing that will look like the original thing and give you a delight feeling that you are holding something special, something you are proud of.

Usually there are three to four versions of Link’s Sword in the Zelda Swords category. The most famous is Master Sword, and then comes the Fierce Deity Sword, Razor Sword, and the Shield. We have several versions of master sword including Dark and Titanium Coated. Their prices also differ from each other depending on the materials and design. We also have 4 versions of Hylian Shield each one containing different elements differentiating each other.

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