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Nero Red Queen Sword

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Total Length : 43.5"
Handle Length: 10.5"
Blade Length: 33"

The exclusive Nero Red Queen Sword replica is truly a fantastic prop with all the perks and style points one could ever dream of. Featured in the 4th installment of action/adventure hack n slash video game series called “Devil May Cry”, it was wielded by Nero. He was the protagonist of the game and son of Vergil. Originally half demon and half human, Nero was assigned as a Holy Knight, a religious group who worshiped Sparda and protected the whole world from other world’s demons. When Kyrie was kidnapped, he sets along a journey full of fights and twists. From time to time, he relied on the help of Dante.

The Red Queen Sword features incredible details just like the original. The long silver finished heavy duty stainless steel blade contains carvings and fuller. Just next to the guard lies a beautiful engraved pattern. You can notice the guard and handle are made to give a feel of a bike’s accelerator like the one Nero had. The solid metal handle and pommel look fantastic. A special sheath is also offered with the item. The red sheath covers most of the blade except for the red pattern on the blade. Have a look at some of the features of Devil May Cry Red Queen below.

  • Full Metal construction
  • Light weight yet durable item
  • Silver finished heavy duty stainless steel blade
  • False edged blade
  • Carvings, fuller and engraved pattern on the blade
  • Metal guard containing engravings
  • Detailed handle with metal pommel
  • Perfect fit Red Leather Sheath offered for free
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