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Red Captain America Shield

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Diameter 28"
Full Metal Construction
Arm Bracket at back
Durable prop
Real details

Behold the notorious Captain America Shield with all the perks it got. Chris Evans portrayed the role of Captain America in three Standalone films, two Avengers films and hopefully, we will see him in the next installments. Originally made by the rare metal by Tony Stark’s father, this shield is believed to stand against any explosives, bullets and impacts no matter what. The series is all about a super soldier who is biologically modified for the greater cause. But wait, have you read the latest comics released by Marvel? Our beloved captain is revealed to be an agent of Hydra and his main goal is to resurrect Hydra once again and take over the world.

The Red Captain America Shield for sale is available at a highly discounted price for a limited time only. Featuring a heavy duty metal construction, the structure of the shield is durable and tough. It contains all the details from the original including the star in the middle, red and white finish, and the accurate measurements. Despite its weight, the shield will fit perfectly in your arm thanks to the arm brackets installed on the back. The paint will not go off easily and the shiny surface will stay the same for a long time. Read Have a look at some of the features of Captain America Shield Replica below.

  • Full Metal Construction
  • Solid Stainless steel metal
  • Durable structure
  • 28 inches of total diameter
  • Multi finish shield (red, white and blue)
  • Arm Bracket installed on the back
  • Wrapping on the arm bracket for a comfortable experience
  • Real like and detailed replica
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