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Sora Fenrir Keyblade

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Total Length 43"
Blade 30.5"

The Sora Fenrir Keyblade is one of our bestselling items till date. The reason is probably its appearance resembles like that of the Cloud Advent Children Buster Sword from the Final Fantasy series. Originally it was introduced as an enhancement, a keychain that could be used with the default keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series. It was given to Sora by Tifa after he helped Cloud in his fight with Sephiroth.

The long Fenrir keyblade replica features an ideal length of 43 inches making it a balanced prop that is easy in carrying. The back of the hilt guard features an attached chain. The design is similar to the Pin Tumbler Lock key just lengthy in size. However, the bandage on the base of the blade resembles the buster sword. It is said that the blade was named after the Fenrir motorcycle ridden by Cloud himself in the animated film. That being said, this keyblade is also believed to be more powerful than buster itself. On the other hand, this delicate masterpiece is a must have for all the fans.

  • Ideal Length of 43 inches
  • Lightweight and firm structure
  • Authentic details from the original video game series
  • Bandage on the blade
  • Comfortable metal grip with leather wrapping
  • Attached Chain
  • Gems in the middle of the guard
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Weight 5.5000
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