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Sting Sword from LOTR Huge 36"

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Total Length 36"

Behold the Sting Sword replica featuring 36 inches overall length for the dudes who are rather serious about cosplaying. Just like the other version, this edition also carries all the perks a good replica can have. The only difference is of the length. Originally featured in the LOTR and Hobbit movie series, the Sting was crafted by ancient Elves. As all the elven swords feature magical powers, this one glows when he enemies are nearby helping out the main protagonists several times and saving their lives.

The Sting Sword has a leaf like chrome polished stainless steel blade. Note that this is a real sword with real details that offers a real like feeling when you hold it. Its not your everyday replica that will perish just by swinging or rust away with time. The rosewood handle assures a dual-handed firm grip. Next is our well crafted scabbard containing all the details from the original including the metal mountings. So next time when you go out for watching epic fantasy movies, be sure you bring this blade to show off.

  • High Quality Stainless Steel construction
  • Leaf like blade with silver chrome finish
  • Elven Inscriptions running through the blade
  • Antique Finished metal guard with engravings
  • Rose wood red handle for comfortable grip
  • Highly detailed wooden scabbard for free
  • Leather layer mounted on the scabbard
  • Ideal weight and price for collectors
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