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Sting Sword Replica from LOTR

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Total Length 22"
Blade 15"
Handle 7"

Have you ever encountered the real life version of Sting? We bring you the Sting Sword replica from Lord of the Rings. Originally it was depicted in the Lotr movie series and Hobbit series wielded by Frodo Baggins and Bilbo Baggins. Both characters did great with this stunning prop by killing numerous enemies. This blade was a life saver for them as it glowed whenever an enemy was nearby.

The Sting Sword features an overall length of 22 inches. Ideal for holding and swinging without much difficulty due to its lightweight structure. The leaf like chrome finished stainless steel blade has a slightly sharp tip and real like inscriptions (elven runes). Just next to the blade is the majestic guard having a dull silver finish and engravings running on it. The red hardwood handle has silver patterns. Attached to it is the antique finished metal mounted guard for proper balancing. The wooden scabbard will keep your favorite blade in good shape. Two silver finished metal attachments have been mounted properly on the brown wooden scabbard. Check out some of the features of the Sting Sword below

  • High Quality Stainless Steel construction
  • Leaf like blade with silver chrome finish
  • Elven Inscriptions running through the blade
  • Antique finished metal guard with engravings
  • Hardwood red handle for comfortable grip
  • Highly detailed wooden scabbard for free
  • Leather layer mounted on the scabbard
  • Ideal weight and price for collectors
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