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Bleach Zaraki Kenpachi Nozarashi Sword

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Overall Length: 40.25"
Blade Length: 27.75"
Handle Length: 10.5"

For the Bleach fans, we have brought Zaraki Kenpachi Zanpakuto also known as Nozarashi Sword. It took years for Zaraki to finally learn the name of his sword and unlock the Bankai release that would give him much more power. He is one of the thirteen court guards squad captains and enjoys dueling more than anything in the world.

The Zaraki Kenpachi Zanpakuto carries an ideal length of 40.25 inches with scabbard. You may have seen it as a gigantic blade in the series, but that could not fit in your hands so we modified the length. The silver finished false edged blade contains hamon running all over it. For adding durability, we have given it a full tang construction. The solid metal guard is well detailed and properly carved. The metal fittings on the item look fantastic. For a good wielding and proper detailing, the long hilt contains white cord wrapped all over it. The same goes for the scabbard. Have a look at some of the features of the Nozarashi Sword replica below.

  • Ideal length and weight
  • Full tang construction
  • Heavy duty stainless steel blade
  • False edged blade with real like Hamon
  • Metal guard with incredible details
  • Brass plated Metal fittings
  • White nylon cord wrapped over the handle
  • Perfect fit scabbard with cord wrapping
  • Ideal for cosplayers and bleach fans
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